Mathieu Triay

I’m a French design technologist based in London. I make websites and fonts, amongst other physical and digital artefacts.

I was the Technical Director for Night Zookeeper before working for Penguin Books. I made a bunch of websites for various books and series. Notably, I worked on a new edition of Richard Dawkins’ Mount Improbable, where every book had a unique cover generated using algorithms he had designed and I recreated.

I worked with some very talented folks who helped me sharpen my design skills, and I developed a passion for typography. This led me to design and edit a magazine called Visions and create a typeface specially for it called Marvin Visions. Both issues are now sold out, but you can still check out the website, it has nice pictures.

In 2022, I worked on the website for Women in Type and in 2023 I released a new typeface called Bricolage Grotesque.

In my day job, I work at BBC R&D making prototypes and experimental interaction design. In the past, I’ve also worked on the design of news articles for young people and internal tools to sift through the BBC archive. These days, I work on the Remote Interaction Guidelines to help people feel together when they’re apart.

In my spare time, I try to stay away from screens. I make music, play and design board games or spend time in my little letterpress shop where I make cards and pamphlets.

I’ve won awards and the press has written about me and my work. It’s nice to be recognised when you’ve worked hard. If anything piqued your curiosity, feel free to tweet @MathieuLoutre or email me, Get in touch if you’ve got a project relevant to my skills and interests.